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Debunking Auto Insurance MythsMyth: Driving a red car will result in higher rates.

Reality: Many people mistakenly believe that people who buy red cars are more aggressive, reckless drivers. However, there is no quantitative evidence to support this claim. In fact, auto insurance companies don't even consider the color of your car as a factor in pricing your policy. They do look at your car's year, make, model, price, and engine size.

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Top 10 Most Frequently Stolen Cars: Driving up Insurance RatesAuto insurance companies base their rates in part on the likelihood of your vehicle being stolen. Is what you drive increasing the amount you pay for your policy?

Here are the most frequently stolen cars in 2012, ranked by the National Insurance Crime Bureau:

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10 Areas with the Highest Auto Theft RatesThe FBI estimates that 721,053 vehicles were stolen in 2012: that equals one theft every 40 seconds! If you only have the minimum level of car insurance mandated by your state, the theft of your car is most likely not covered by your policy. You may want to consider adding "Comprehensive–Collision" coverage to protect yourself.

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What Age Groups Pay the Highest and Lowest Car Insurance Premiums?Age is a significant factor in determining your car insurance rates, according to Fox News. Car insurance companies rely heavily on your age to assess your risk of having an accident. The following list shows the average 6–month premiums quoted by auto insurers for the corresponding age groups. Are you paying more or less than the average rate for your age group?

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Who Are Better Drivers: Men or Women?Both men and women claim that the opposite gender is more of a danger on the road, but who really deserves the bragging rights of being the best driver? Obviously it is difficult to generalize about huge groups of people, but auto insurance companies do use gender to help determine their premium pricing structures. So do car insurers view men or women as better drivers–and who pays lower rates?

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Many Drivers Are Not Using Available Auto Insurance DiscountsEveryone knows about the common discounts that car insurance companies often offer to encourage doing more business with them and to incentivize good driving. However, discounts vary so much from one company to another, many policyholders may be unaware of what is offered–and consequently may miss out on big savings.

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Why Should I Buy Car Insurance Online?The Internet allows you to research the auto insurance market more thoroughly and quickly than ever before. Now you can receive auto insurance quotes from numerous providers within minutes (a process that would have taken hours to complete by trying to research individual providers over the phone.) Moreover, consumers can check to ensure that the companies giving them quotes are legitimate, reputable organizations. Best of all, the quotes and information are completely free online.

How Can SolidQuote Help Me Save Money?SolidQuote.com has a network of car insurance companies that are all competing to supply your policy. To make themselves more competitive, they lower their premiums–and you reap the benefits. Furthermore, by providing users with a variety of options, we encourage consumers to make more informed decisions about the policy they purchase. If you compare quotes, you could save up to 30%!*

How Much Auto Insurance Do I Really Need?Your car insurance coverage is comprised of many policies that pay for different things, such as liability coverage, bodily injury liability, property damage liability, collision, personal injury protection. Most states have legally prescribed minimums for each policy, and you need to meet those requirements. Beyond that, what you pay for is determined by how comfortable you are with risk. However, as a general guideline, you should be insured for an amount equal to the total value of your assets (this includes your savings, investments, home, car, etc.) Additionally, try to select a plan with a high deductible and then pay for regular repairs out–of–pocket. This strategy will help keep your rates low.